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Sailing News and Updates

Sailing News and Events 

Hello Everyone! This is new page under the Sailing Tab that is designated to keep up to date with information on regattas, results, and other information that is not otherwise put in the Cygnet Newsletter or sent through email. 

I will post regatta links along with reminders of upcoming events. Be sure to check in on this tab to stay up to date and be informed. 

I also just wanted to touch on the JIYC Jr. Race Team. The JIYC Jr. Race Team is always open to add more sailors to the roster regardless of skill. I have a platform that I use to also convey dates, events, and practices that I use called "TeamSnap." If you or your child is interested, please reach out to me, Caden Wheeler, and I will gladly add you!

April Issue
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Side Notes

  • If you would like to volunteer or help  in any way, please reach out to me, Caden Wheeler, and I will be happy to talk! 

  • Summer Sailing Enrollment is live and running, so be sure to sign up ahead of time! 

  • Thursday Night Racing at JIYC will be returning this year! The exact week of the first race of the series is still being determined but I plan for it to be at the end of May or early June.

Upcoming Events

  • Fort 2 Battery (April 13th) 

  • Sail GP WASZP Clinic (Apr 10th - 14th)

  • CHS Race Week (Apr 15th - 22nd) 

  • FWC Hobie Wave Regatta (Apr 26th- 28th)

Caden’s Corner

Howdy everyone! I hope everyone is having a great start to their spring season and this warmer weather again! April is once again upon us and it is time for us to air out our sails and blaze the waters again. With the exception of the beginning of the month, we have an event every weekend and this year we will be hosting a WASZP Clinic put on by SAIL GP. We as the Sailing Committee will be doing our absolute best to ensure that parking at the yacht club will be organized and as low impact as possible to everyone. 

In other news, I have been working on getting a Colgate 26 donated to the yacht club. The Colgate 26 is a fantastic boat for people of all ages to be able to get on the water and is a perfect boat for people of all skill levels. I’d love to share the experience of sailing to everyone at the yacht club and my aim is to set up weekly cruises for the membership. 

It takes a team to be able to pull off these amazing events that we put on for the harbor, and I want to thank everyone who dedicates their time and resources to making this all possible. I am very excited for this upcoming season and can't wait to get back on the water!

Upcoming Events

O'pen Bic North Americans "Un-Regatta" 

  • April 19th - 21st 
  • Augusta Sailing Club 

2024 ILCA Masters Atlantic Coast Championship 

  • Hosted By James Island Yacht Club 
  • May 16th - 19th
  • Open to ILCA members above the age of 30.